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Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Discussions in the Tap Dancing Friends Forum

A topic-by-topic guide to some of the most interesting, most commented on, and most recent discussions in the Tap Dancing Friends Community discussion group. See also Introduction to the Tap Dancing Friends Community

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Tap Dancing Friends Community Forum

Forum Discissions by Topic:

Tap Events
- New Facebook Group for Announcing Tap Dancing Events
- How to Organize a Tap Festival: Challenges and Tips

Tap Techniques
- Tap Drills for Improving Strength, Agility and Speed
- Paddle vs. Paradiddle vs. Paddle and Roll
- Step vs. Stamp vs. Stomp
- Tips for Doing Pullbacks
- Ideas for Teaching Counter Rhythms?
- Tap Dancing With Loose Ankles

Tap Shoes
- What Is In Your Tap Shoe Emergency Kit?
- Tap Shoe Soles: Double Build vs. Triple Build
- How to Clean Tap Shoes
- Painting Tap Shoes
- Best Tap Shoes for Under $200?
- What Are Your Favorite Tap Shoes?
- Tap Shoe Makers and Brands
- Length of Tap Shoe Laces?

Tap Dances
- Favorite Tap Dances Featured in Movies?

Tap Music
- Medium Tempo Music in 3/4 Time
- Favorite Tap Dancing Songs?

Tap Classes
- Getting Certified as a Tap Dancing Instructor
- What Is Your Favorite Type of Tap Dancing Class?

Tap Floors
- Pros and Cons of Tap Dancing on a Marley Floor
- Best Material for the Top Surface of a Tap Board?
- Buying a Portable Tap Floor
- Building your Own Tap Floor

Tap Dancers
- "Hoofer" vs "Tap Dancer"
- Does Anybody in Your Family Dance?
- Senior Age Tap Dancers ins their 80's and 90's
- Tap Dancers on Competition TV Shows
- Tap Dancers on the World of Dance TV Show

Unusual Types of Tap Dancing
- Electronic Tap Dancing
- Handstand Tap Dancing

More Tap Dancing Discussions
- Stepping Out: The Play, The Musical, and the Film
- One Million Steps: A Tap Dancing Documentary Film
- What Are the Roots of Tap Dancing?
- Favorite Tap Dance Photographers

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