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Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Tap Ninja's Online Tap Dancing Lessons

A collection of tap dancing lesson videos featuring instructor Tap Ninja.

Basic Building Blocks
Video 1: Ones to Fours
Video 2: Fives to Eights
Video 3: Ones to Eights
Video 4: Ones to Eights (Adding Accents)

Video 5: Subdivisions

Video 6: Fluency

Two Bar Patterns
Video 7: Two Bar Patterns
Video 8: Two Bar Patterns E to H (Without Accents)
Video 9: Two Bar Patterns I to L (Without Accents)
Video 10: Two Bar Patterss M to P (Without Accents)
Video 11: Two Bar Patterns A to D (With Accents)
Video 12: Two Bar Patterns E to H (With Accents)
Video 13: Two Bar Patterns I to L (With Accents)
Video 14: Two Bar Patterns M to P (With Accents)

Practice Tips
Video 15: Tap Technique and How to Practice
Video 16: Speed and Accuracy Drills
Video 17: Additional Rolls to Practice

Rhythmic Displacement
Video 18: Rhythmic Displacement
Video 19: Rhythmic Displacement Practice Combination
Video 20: RD Combo Displaced

The Bridge: Intermediate and Advanced
Video 21: Cramp Rolls
Video 22: Basic Riffs

Combination Building
Video 23: Easy Combination Building
Video 24: Combinations 4, 5, and 6

Video 25: Introduction to Pullbacks
Video 26: Pullbacks Basic Variations
Video 27: Intermediate Pull Back Variations
Video 28: Sam Weber's Pull Back Exercise


Printable Master Tap Course Map
Printable course document and map

Who is the Tap Ninja?
The man behind the Tap Ninja tap dancing course is imkprovisational tap dancer Jimmy Fisher. Jimmy danced with bands in Disneyland Anabeim's New Orleans Square and he has performed with tap dance ensembles, including Rhapsody in Taps and the Jazz Tap Ensemble. He toured the United States in the musical "Caution: Men at Work: Tap" and he danced on the Gregory Hines Show.

Tap Ninja - Official Web Site

YouTube "Tap Ninja Videos" Channel

Profile of Tap Ninja Jimmy Fisher

More Videos of Tap Dancing

Tap Dancer Bios and Photos

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