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A Note From Kathie:
If you would like to add to, correct, or update any of the information on this Web site, you are invited to send a message or a letter to the email address or postal address on our Contact Us page.

Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Tap Shoe Makers and brands

A guide to some of the most well-knwn brands, distributors, and manufacturers of tap shoes.

Bloch Tap Shoes
Bloch was founded in Australia by who maker Jacob Bloch who immigrated from Eastern Europe to Australia in the 1930's.

Capezio Tap Shoes
Capezio was founded in in New York City in 1887 by Italian born shoe maker Salvatore Capezio.

Grishko Tap Shoes
Grishko was founded in Moscow Russia in 1989 by businessman Nikolai Grishko.

Bodywrappers Tap Shoes

Jig Foo Tap Shoes Web site | Web Site |

JustTap Tap Shoes

Leo's Tap Shoes

Miller and Ben Tap Shoes

Ruben Sanchez Tap Shoes

So Danca Tap Shoes

Thommie Taps | Web Site |

Zeller Dance Shoes | Web Site |
German maker of dancing shoes for tap, jazz, and tango. Their Web site is published in both German and English.

Former Tap Shoe Makers and Brands

Salvios Dancing Shoes | Article |
Former Australian maker of dancing shoes for tap, latin, jazz, and ballroom dancing. The company closed its doors permanently after 135 years in business in June of 2016. The company first opened in Melburne, Australia and moved to Sydney in the 1920's.

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