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A Note From Kathie:
If you would like to add to, correct, or update any of the information on this Web site, you are invited to send a message or a letter to the email address or postal address on our Contact Us page.

Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Taps for Tap Shoes Shop

Information about taps for tap shoes and where to buy them.

Capezio Taps
- Tele-Tone - Toe Tap
- Tele-Tone - Heel Tap XL (for shoe sizes 12 and larger)
- Duo-Tone - Heel Tap (for high-heel character shoes)
- Selva Staccato - Heel Tap (specialized "jingle" tap)
- -Tele-Tone Heel Tap

Diamonz Tap Plates

Diamonz is a New Zealand based producer of plates (taps) for tap dancing shoes. Formerly known as "Ken Wrights Rite Rhythm tap plates". The company was founded by Eddie Hegan, later purchased by tap dancing instructor Ken Wright, and purchased in 1999 by curent owners John Ruardy and his wife, tap dancing instructor Jan Ruardy.

Danshuz Taps
- Super Taps and Stevens Stompers Clogging Taps
- - Super Taps Toe and Heel Taps

Bloch Taps
- Techno Taps - Toe Tap (Get Dance Wear)

Accessories for Tap Dancers

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Tap Dancing Resources

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2017 Tap Worlds
Nov 28 - Dec 2
Riesa, Germany

Tap Dance Day
May 25th

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