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If you would like to add to, correct, or update any of the information on this Web site, you are invited to send a message or a letter to the email address or postal address on our Contact Us page.

Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Poland Tap Dancing Classes

Information about tap dancing classes, tap instructors, and tap dancing schools (Szkoła Stepowania) in Poland.

Katowice Tap Dancing Classes

Studio Tapdance Katowice
See also the studio's Facebook Page

Krakow Tap Dancing Classes

My Tap School
Krakow tap dancing school founded by Beata Kedzia-Sowa 2012. Offers tap dance instruction for children, teens,and adults. The studio also offers choreography services, studio rental, and tap dance workshops for special events.
| Blog | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |

Opole Tap Dancing Classes

Polly Art Academy
Dancing school for children and adults in the city of Opole offering tap dancing classes taught by Chris Ernest and Joanna Ernest. Other dancing classes offered by the studio include ballet, modern dance, pole dancing, gymnastics, aerial hoops, show dancing, and dance exercise. The Polly Art Academy is the host venue for the International Tap Days Opole Festival, first held in October of 2016.
| Facebook | YouTube |

Royal Dance Center Poland
Dancing school offering classes in tap dancing, contemporary, salsa, street dancing, pole dancing, and acrobatics.
| Facebook |

Siedice Tap Dancing Classes

Caro Dance Company | English |
Dancing founded in the 1980's by Iwona Orzelowska, winner of the International Dance Organization's outstanding choreographer award. Offers classes in tap dancing, disco dance, hip hop, shop dance, disco show, jazz dance , show dance , modern dance and disco freestyle Its main location is in Siedice and its two Warsaw branches are located in the districts of Chomiczowka and Ursynow.
| Facebook | YouTube | Wikipedia |

Warsaw Tap Dancing Classes

Tip Tap School
Tap dancing school founded by Anula Kolakowska in Warsaw in 2013. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube |

Studio Tap and Jazz Dance
Tap dance studio of Jiriny Nowakowskiej

Share Tap Dancing in Your Community

If you would like to share information about tap dancing classes, events, history, artists, ensembles, products, shops, blogs, or Web sites in your part of the world please send a message to the email address on our Contact Us page and we will add it to this Web site.

Tap Dancing in Poland

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