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Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Music for Tap Dancers

Where to buy downloadable MP3's and CD's of tap dancing music. Many of the links on this page go to to but many of the songs and albums are also available at iTunes and other music sources.

Instructional Tap Dancing Music CDs
Audio recordings with verbal tap dancing instructions and music for practicing each tap step taught.

David Leonard Tap Dancing Music CDs
Five volumes of tap dancing music by pianist, composer, and arranger David Leonard. Albums are available on both compact disc (CD) and as MP3 downloads.

Bob Rizzo Tap Dancing Music Albums

More Tap Dancing Music CDs

"Johnny Maddox Tap Dance Rhythms" Album
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Collection of 20's and 30's era songs performed by rag time piano player Johnny Maddox. The songs are pla;yed at even tempos suitable for tap dancing classes. The album was originally released in 1956 on Dot Record (1950-1979). Songs on the album include "Baby Face", "Bye Bye Blackbirde", "Carolina in the Morninge", "Idae", "Jealouse", "Margiee", "Me and My Shadowe", "Peggy O'neile", "School Dayse", "Shanty in Old Shanty Towne", "Should Ie", and "Tea for Twoe".
- Compact Disc of "Tap Dance Rhythms" Album Amazon Ad
- MP3 Download of "Tap Dance Rhythms" Album Amazon Ad

- Vinyl Record of "Tap Dance Rhythms" Album Amazon Ad

"Tap Your Troubles Away" Album
The full title of this aalbum is "Tap Your Troubles Away: Music for Tap Routines, All Levels". The album is a double-length CD with 30 songs suitable tap and jazz dancing. Especially suitable for for tap classes and developing tap routines. Songs are two choruses in length and they have 4 bar introductions. Includes 30 songs, mostly from the 30's and 40's.
- Compact Disc of "Music For Tap Dancing" Album Amazon Ad

"Tap Dance Tunes" Album
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Album featuirng music for simple tap routines and easy exercises. Includes instrumentals with a big band sound, small group instrumentals with rhythm sections, and a variety of tempos for different levels of tap dancers. Songs include: "Happy Days", "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Cute", "Lulu's Back In Town", "Shuffle Off To Buffalo", "Sing, Sing, Sing", "Steam Heat", "Hard Hearted Hannah "One (Four Eight Bar Segments)", "One (Full Version)", "You Were Meant For Me (Slow Version)", "You Were Meant For Me (Fast Version)", "Colonel Bogey March (Slow Version)", "Colonel Bogey March (Fast Version)", "I Found A Million Dollar Baby", "My Blue Heaven", "Stop Time Waltz In 3/4 Time (Slow)", and "Let's Tap In 3/4 Time (Slow).
- Compact Disc of "Tap Dance Tunes" Album Amazon Ad

Tap Dance Fun
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A collectiong of tap dancing music suitable for beginning to intermediate tap dancing classes. Songs include "New York, New York", "I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans", "Put On A Happy Face", "Ain't Misbehavin", "I May Be Wrong", "Manhattan", "Ad Lib Tap", "Swing & Sway", "Be My Baby Bumble Bee", "Tap in 3/4 Time", "Let The Worry Bird Worry For You", "Heart", "Mr. Cricket", "My Heart Belongs To Daddy", "Mairzy Doats", "Alley Cat", "Sunshine Cake", "I Love My Piano", "Give Me The Simple Life", "Dance Parade", "It's A Hap, Hap, Happy Day", "Doodling Song", "Surrey With The Fringe On Top", "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter", "Jeepers Creepers", "Cute "Million Dollar Baby", and "Two A Day.
Compact Disc of "Tap Dance Fun" Album Amazon Ad

Other Products for Tap Dancers

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