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Kathie Fry, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Fry, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Germany Tap Dancing Lessons

Information about tap dancing lessons in Germany. See also About Tap Dancing in Germany.

Berlin Tap Dancing Classes

Blue Tap Berlin
Berlin tap dancing school offering classes for all levbels of dancers from beginners to professionals. Also offers opportunities to perform on the studio's See also the studio's Facebook Page

Hoof-In Steptanz Berlin
Berlin tap dancing school founded in 1999. See also their Facebook Page

Steps Steptanz Berlin
Dancing School offering classes in tap dancing, jazz dance, and Argentine Tango. Located in Southern Berlin. See also their Facebook Page

Tap Beat International Tap Dance Center
Located in the Kreuzberg section of the borough of-Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. in the city of Berlin, Germany.

Tapa Toe Tap Dance Studio
Tap dancing school in the city of Berlin, Germany. Includes information about classes, workshops, and tuition fees.

Beate Uhr: Stepptanz Im Ruhrgebiet
Berlin tap dancing school opened by Christine Delius in February of 2011 after her "TapaToe, das Steptanzstudio" closed in 2010.

Breman Tap Dancing Classes

Tanzstudio Bounce and Boogie
Located in Bremen, Germany. See also their
Facebook Page

Hagen Tap Dancing Classes

Battuta Tap Steptanz Studio
German tap dancing school founded in 1995 and directed by Vera Schimetzek. Located in the city of Hagen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. See also the studio's Facebook Page

Hamburg Tap Dancing Classes

Hoofers Steptanzschule
Nicola Hartlef's Hamburg tap dancing school offers tap dancing lessons for all levels from beginners to professionals. See also the school's Introductory Video

Steptanz Studio Artur Gerleit
Hamburg tap dancing school managed by Ulla Cohrs and Birgit Nannen. Located in the Eimsbuttel borough of thecity of Hamburg.

Studio Footprints Steptanzschule
Thomas Marek's Hamburg tap dancing studio offers classes for beginners with a basic knowledge of tap, classes for a mix of advanced beginners and intermediate level dancers, and classes for advanced and professional level dancers. See also the studio's Facebook Page

Karlsruhe Tap Dancing Classes

Fun Tappers Association
Located in Karlsruhe, Germany. See also their Facebook page |

Wiesbaden Tap Dancing Classes

Fiddle and Feet School of Dancing
Offers classes in tap dancing and Irish step dance. Located in Wiesbaden, Germany Operated by Natalie Westerdffale and Tanja Cibulski. See also their Facebook Page.

Wilhelmshaven Tap Dancing Classes

Dunse die Tanzschule
Dancing school offering classes for adults and children in tap dancing, hip hop, ballroom dancing, and dance exercise. Located at Gökerstraße 124 in the city of Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea coast of Germany. See also the studio's Facebook Page

More German Tap Classes

Tap-Ahead Step Dancing School
Web site of rhythm tap dancer Manu Collins. Includes information about performances, workshops, and classes.

About Tap Dancing in Germany

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