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Kathie Walling, Editor of Tap Dancing Resources
Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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About Tap Dancer Leah Silva

A profile and fan site for professional tap dancer tap instructor, and choreographer Leah Silva.

STAGE NAME: Leah Silva
FULL NAME: Leah Rose Silva
ALSO KNOWN AS: Leah Kester
BIRTHDAY: Novermber 15
PARENTS: Bob Van Newkirk and Sue Van Newkirk
LOCATION: Orange County, Southern California, United States

Leah R Silva Dot Com
Official Web site of tap dancer Leah Silva. Main Web site sections include About, Choreography, Work, OC Tap Festival, Gallery, Reverb Tap Company, OC Tap Experience, Reverb Tap Intensive, Contact, and Booking.

Leah Silva on Social Media
- Facebook "Leah Silva" Page
- Instagram "Leah Silva" Page

Articles and Profiles of Leah Silva
- Official Biography of Leah Silva
- Dance Mogul Magazine Leah Silva Interview

Videos Featuring Leah Silva
- Tap World "Leah Silva Introducing Herself" Video
- YouTube "Leah Silv" Videos" Channel
- YouTube "Reverb Tap Company Videos" Channel

Projects of Leah Silva

Orange County Tap Festival
Tap dancing festival founded by ? and held for the first time in July of 2017.

Reverb Tap Company
Professional tap dance ensemble founded in 2012 and directed by leah Silva. The company is based in Orange County Southern California. See also the ensemble's Facebook Page

Reverb Tap Intensive
Intensive, full-day of tap dancing classes hosted and produced by Leah Silva. The event has separate sessions for Low Intermediate, High Intermedite, and Advanced-Professional leve tap dancers. Held in Orange County, Southern California.

Orange County Tap Experience
Event produced and hosted by Leah Silva offering affordable 2-hour classes for tap dancers at the high intermediate to advanced level. The events instructors have included some of the most well-known tap dancers in the United States. The two hour classes are followed by an improvisational tap jam session. Held at the Impact Dance Center in Los Alamitos on the first and third Sunday of each month. the classes are held at the Impact Dance Center, 5370 Katella Avenuein the North Orange County city of Los Alamitos.

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